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Absolutely loved this product. The smell and affect are really nice. Definitely my new favourite.



I ordered from Germany and I am so pleased with the friendly handling I am looking forward to try this crumble and then I will be back .


Excellent product

The synergy extracts cbd crystals are the best i have tried on the current market.
Having a need for CBD for medicinal reasons i found my self trying numerous brands “love hemp” “Empire wellness” “improve me” plus some none branded, oils, crystals, wax crumble,
These specific synergy extracts cbd crystals come in various infused flavours, having now tried orange diesel, golden lemmons and rasbery cookie i cant wait to try the rest so far they are all a delight for the taste buds.
These crystals in my opinion are best consumed on a dabs at a max of 100mg per dose! I find less is more.
They have a calming feeling on the body and mind and relax muscles melting away some mild aches, I also find with prolong use over a few days you can also notice a little more mental clarity and calmness of the mind.
Highly reccomend this product.

P.s im not a doctor so dont hold me to it!!!

Matthew Lawford

The Place for Terps Connoisseurs!

My first look at the Synergy Vape Pen was very much an underestimation, with its amazing battery life & terpene-packed Cartridges. It simply blew me away!  It is the essential part of my CBD kit, nothing has come close.

From Synergy’s terp crystal to their wax crumbles, you will not be disappointed with their tastiestfreshest flavours.  You guys keep me firmly in awe!


Simon the CBD Viking

Amazing product! Have tried crumbles,

Amazing product! Have tried crumbles, crystal and most recently the vape pen. Blown away by all of them! Amazing flavours and effects! Can’t wait to try my latest order of oral paste! Sure I won’t be disappointed! Keep up the great work

Steven Mcguinness

Marty S

First time ordering from synergy and 110% will be ordering again I bought the blueberry headband cdb crystals and are absolutely amazing and come in a amazing box and pot nothing like I expected and would recommend them to anyone fantastic customer service letting you no they had my order and it was shipped and came on the day, can’t wait to try more stuff including the cbd crumble thanks again synergy!!!



Orange Diesel Terpenes – 1ML “Non-canna derived” – Superb new product. I ordered this one to try. Fantastic addition to your product range with a great smooth taste.



Excellent products tried the lemon crumble amazing results for me very professional company super fast delivery would highly recommend this company


Tyler Green

Using the Energise pen by Synergy Extracts, I was really impressed by both the power and flavour of this device. It delivers extremely flavoursome hits with big clouds. You also don’t need to draw on the pen for a long time and still get great vapor production, plus the smell is divine!

Tyler Green- I smoke magazine

Dawn Watson

What can I say, superb !! Lovely flavour, awsome smell, great therputic effects, just be carful opening the pots.


Stephen Moore

1000mg Synergy Extracts®-40% Oral CBD Paste DAYTIME-400mg CBD – Another top notch product guys. I bought this as soon as it was released and was very impressed. I find it very uplifting and managed to cut down the amount of energy drinks I use.

Stephen Moore


Started from CBD crystals, ended up trying all crumbles, amazing product, amazing effect, very good sleep after nightshift! yes I can sleep during the day now!


Emma Robertson

This is gorgeous stuff! I have a couple of puffs of this from my Lynx Hypnos as my evening treat and it rewards me with the deepest most satisfying sleep. Beautiful flavour and great results!

Emma Robertson

Rebecca Olds

Got the black domina cbd crumble with 15% terps was excellent tasting and very soothing would recommend