Our Story

Synergy Extracts® , is a family run business founded by a couple with immense belief and trust in the healing powers of mother nature. The company was set up with the aim to offer the UK a trustworthy place to buy legal, high quality, cost effective and 100% natural CBD oil infused food supplements, aromatherapy essential oils and many other treasured and super healthy natural botanicals. After the initial elation with finding out about the positive legal status of hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) in the UK back in 2014 we decided to go full steam ahead with the business, with John spending many months perfecting his skills in cannabinoid alchemy and hemp extract refinement, working day in, day out studying organic chemistry and the many different cannabinoid extraction/low temperature decarboxylation processes. The main aim of the research was to find out the best methods of preserving as many of the sensitive components as possible. We also utilised terpenes from other parts of nature and infused them into our supplements to work together in harmony with the cbd, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and naturally occurring terpenes, found within our full spectrum hemp extract. We knew from the get-go our main goal was to reduce the astronomical cost of CBD supplements in the UK. Monika(experienced in accounting and finance) supported the process with many hours of diligent research, sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients, trusted suppliers, developing the branding, packaging and website.

Our Products

Our aim is to offer a place to purchase the highest quality hemp derived food supplements available. Our CBD Terp crystal is a 90-95% CBD,  terpene infused oil suitable for dabbing and vaping. A combination of a natural, highly refined hemp extract and terpenes, which are completely Cannabinoid/THC free and 100% non psychoactive. So are 100% legal to enjoy in the UK. The perfect addition to our CBD extracts but can also be enjoyed alone, or as food flavourings. The same way any natural food grade essential oil would. Our Hemp CBD is extracted from legal cultivars of low THC hemp and is 100% legal in the United Kingdom. All of the hemp extracts we use in our products are grown to organic standards and contain absolutely zero pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, heavy metals or chemical residues and have been thoroughly tested for safety and purity.  They are also completely non-psychoactive, super healthy and full of nature’s own, health promoting agents.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to reach out across the UK and offer our products at an affordable price for those in need.As well as giving other small businesses the opportunity to sell our products and helping to spread awareness on the healing potential of the superfood hemp. If you are a small health store and our products are of interest to you then please do contact us for a wholesale pricelist at synergyofnature@gmail.com for the chance to join in the booming hemp industry. Like-wise if you are an organic and natural supplement manufacturer or essential oil extractor we may be interested in stocking your products so please do get in touch.