Oral CBD Paste – Tranquil+ with Melatonin – 20-25% CBD – Cherry Wine Strain – Nighttime Terpenes – 1000mg

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CBD Concentration: 20-25%%
THC Concentration: 0%
Melatonin Level: 30mg
Terpene Levels: High
Terpenes Used: Myrcene, Linalool, Caryophyllene
Quantity of Extract: 1ml
CBD and Cannabinoid Strain: Cherry Wine
Ideal Usage: Taken Orally

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📖 Legal In Most European Countries
🏆 3rd Party Lab Tested For Purity
💉 Subcritical CO2 Extracted
🚫 No Additives

If you’re looking for a cheap CBD supplement – extracted from low quality, chemically fertilised hemp – we will be completely honest with you…

…this is probably not for you.

Our CBD paste is for people who only want the best.  

It started out as an extract from the highly sought after strain of 100% legal hemp, fondly known as “cherry wine”.

This extract is not the same one used in the rest of our ranges and as such, is unique to Tranquil+

Tranquil+ with Melatonin is a ‘function over flavour’ product and as such, is not for every palette.

With the terpene profile limited to Myrcene, Linalool, and a little Caryophyllene, its strong taste indicates the value of this Oral CBD Paste as a powerful supplement. 

This extract is ideal for people new to CBD supplementation and recreational users alike. It eliminates the need for a vape or any expensive dabbing rigs.

Just measure out a dose with the syringe we will send you in the mail, consume it orally, and you’re all done.

Helpful tips:

1 syringe increment = 0.05ml 2 syringes increments = 0.1ml.

Do not exceed the highest recommended daily dosage of 0.1ml.

This product is best kept in the refrigerator as it tends to melt at room temperatures

What else do you need to know?

  • 20-25% CBD content as well as other cannabinoids
  • For recreational users who like a strong CBD Supplement
  • Can be used as a long-term health supplement
  • Contains 30mg of Melatonin per 1ml of Paste
  • Packed with the terpenes Myrcene and Linalool
  • Independently tested by the Phytovista Labs, UK, for safety and purity
  • Just put a rice-grain-sized piece of oil on your finger and allow it to melt on your tongue

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CBD Paste | 20-25% CBD | Tranquil+ – Synergy Extracts is a high quality full spectrum CBD paste that has the Myrcene, Linalool, Caryophyllene terpenes incorporated, with it being a function over flavour paste that is not for every palette.

Synergy Extracts only believe in offering the highest quality CBD products available, which is why we ensure to use only the highest quality materials in the making of our tasty CBD Products.

We have pride in our products and believe in being fully transparent with our customers, which is why we offer full lab reports for all of our CBD products on the store!

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Weight 0.020 kg
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 10 cm
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