Price Match Guarantee

“We’ll match their price, if they can match our quality.”

Synergy Extracts has always been known for Premium Quality CBD Vape products that delight.  Recently, we decided to offer some CBD Crumble and Terp Crystals as Bulk Buy Deals, so they are now much more affordable per gram and many more people will get to enjoy them.  Better still, we also decided to Price Match Guarantee the quality of Synergy’s CBD Vape products, as a whole.  After all, if we can prove that our cheaper prices do not mean inferior quality products, then why not guarantee them?

At Synergy Extracts, we are so confident about our price vs. quality ratio, that we have introduced a Price Match Guarantee that applies to any like-for-like offer.  This is available for you to use against any competitor’s vape product, provided they have a registered ‘bricks and mortar’ business in the UK, that sells to the public.

The products that are guaranteed can be found in these three areas of our website: CBD Dab ConcentratesPrefilled CBD Vape Pens and DabPro Vaporisers  When gauging whether Synergy’s Vape products are comparable to the products you are price-matching, we ask you to please take the factors below into consideration. These guidelines will enable you to make a like-for-like comparison.

1. CBD Content  Per ML/Gram – This should be worked out when comparing the products you are looking at to Synergy’s.  But CBD content is only the starting point, as you will see below.

2. Terpene Quality  Are the terpenes natural and organic like Synergy’s?  Or even cannabis-derived, like Synergy’s Grade A Range?  Or are they cheap and synthetic, like a lot of products on the market today?  Synthetic terpenes are available at very little cost in China and Eastern Europe, whereas premium-quality natural and organic plant-derived terpenes are far superior and much more expensive.  The pinnacles of quality for the true cannabis “purist” or “connoisseur” are terpene essential oils, taken from cannabis plants.  But due to the cost of the starting material, these essential oils are often many times more expensive than their non-canna alternatives.

3. Cannabinoid Profile  Are you comparing simple CBD-isolate based vape products, or are they full-legal-spectrum vape products?  The broader the spectrum, the greater the Entourage Effect and the greater the benefit to you.  Can you obtain a third party Lab Report to prove the vape product’s Cannabinoid Profile goes beyond CBD isolate?

4. Extraction method  Are the products refined, golden and tasty like Synergy’s, or are they dark and unpalatable?  Synergy only uses extracts which have been distilled using extremely expensive equipment, which removes unwanted impurities that impart the often foul and bitter flavour that most oils offer.  Distillation requires the most costly equipment on the market, vs. CO2 or ethanol extraction.

5. Quality of starting material  Is it premium-quality, resin-rich, unpollinated Sensimilla hemp flowers with a tasty Terpene profile, like Synergy’s?  Or is it low quality pollinated hemp plants, by-products of the hemp seed industry, mainly stalks, flowers and leaves, full of seeds, with no real essential oil content, and extracted using hot temperatures?  Synergy uses the former, a much more expensive option but the resulting product is unrivalled in quality.

6. Is the product THC-free?  In order to abide by UK law, our extracts are run through a secondary process after distillation which removes any THC, while leaving the other valuable and legal cannabinoids intact.  This is another expensive process but essential to keep our products legal AND of high quality.

7. Quality of pre-filled vape pen  Is it a high-quality pen, that does not use plastics or any materials that can cause harm when heated and inhaled?  Does it deliver a quick, easy and effortless vape, like Synergy’s pens?

Remember this, the quality of the end product is determined by the quality of the starting material, the quality of the equipment used and the time and effort put into the processes used to refine the product.  All of these factors contribute to the end price.

Terms and Conditions

Our price match guarantee applies up to 30 days after purchase and applies to any advertised or online pricing for competitors with ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses in the UK, that sell directly to the public.

These competitors must have the particular item in stock and it must be of comparable quality to Synergy’s CBD Vape products.  This is important, so please use the suggestions above as guidelines when comparing vape products, as they need to be like-for-like in quality.

You must provide details of the competitor’s offer; a copy of the printed advertisement or the URL, if it is a web advertisement.

This policy does not apply to competitor’s samples, bundle offers, free items, limited quantities, negotiated quotes, and clearance items.

When matching online pricing, we have to consider delivery costs, taxes, payment fees and any extra costs.

Synergy Extracts reserves the right in their absolute discretion to add to, or waive any rule without prior notice to the customers and, in the event of circumstances beyond their control, to cancel the Price Match Guarantee promotion at any stage.

Offer is valid until December 31st, 2018.

How to claim your price match

If you find a CBD Vape product at a lower price and can prove that it is of a comparable quality to Synergy’s, please contact us on the channels below:

· Email us:

· Phone us: +44 (0) 1908 978420

Please have the following information to hand as you will be asked a few questions to verify your claim:

· 1. The product name or code

· 2. The competitor’s name and price

· 3. The printed advertisement, or website or Social Media URL

If we can confirm that the CBD Vape product is being offered at a lower retail price than Synergy’s and that it meets our price match criteria, we will happily match the price.

When we honour the price difference, this difference will be returned to the original method of payment and is such, non-transferable.”