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Synergy Extracts ® Flavour Intensified CBD Distillate vape oil is considered the most flavourful in the  catalogue, specifically designed for those who like stronger, fruitier terpene flavours! Slightly more covert and discreet than our premium line cartridges, these extracts utilise natural botanical terpenes which blend nicely with the natural cannabis terpenes present in the CBD extract.

CBD 46.2% | CBDa 3.7% | CBG 8.8% | CBDv 4.1% | THC 0% | Total Cannabinoids 63% | Terpenes 12.4%

Full panel test report for raw extract PAN2252-1

Test report after botanical terpene infusion PAN2252-3

  • 1.0 g of uncut oil
  • True Full Spectrum CBD Extract
  • True Cannabis Experience
  • 510 Compatible
  • Ultra Refined
  • Lead Free
  • Pesticide Free
  • No additives

Optimised for a clean, pure experience

While most of the market’s CBD vape oil uses MCT, VG or PG to obtain an optimal viscosity, our oil is highly pure and clean. We only use the cleanest methods of extraction, so you know exactly what you are getting: all-natural, full-spectrum CBD oil rich in cannabinoids and terpenes (including CBD, CBG and CBDv).

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If you are looking to restock on your CBD Vape oil, then our CBD Vape  Refill – 54% CBD with Cannabis-Inspired Terpenes offers a great taste with a high terpene and high cbd percentage CBD oil.

Synergy Extracts only believe in offering the highest quality CBD products available, which is why we ensure to use only the highest quality materials in the making of our tasty CBD Products.

This finished/packaged CBD product contains no more than 1mg of cannabinol(CBN) or cannabinol derivatives(THC). To be safe and on the right side of the law the maximum quantity we can sell is 1000mg (or 1 Millilitre) per box/unit.

Additional information

Weight 0.020 kg
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 2 cm
Terpene Profile

Grandaddy Purple, Platinum Raspberry Cookies, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, Gelato, Tangerine Dream, Black Cherry Soda, Lavender Kush