CBD Vape Starter Kit – 54% CBD – Pineapple Express – Cannabis-Inspired Terpenes

£54.95 Including 20% VAT

CBD Concentration: 54%
THC Concentration: 0.0%
Terpene Levels: High
Quantity of Vape Oil per cartridge: 550mg
Quantity of active CBD per cartridge: 297mg (Approx)

🚚  Free European Shipping Available
📖 Legal In Most European Countries
💉 Subcritical CO2 Extracted
🚫 No Additives
🔋 Fully Charged In Just 60 Minutes

If you’re looking for a premium quality CBD vape pen kit, then this will become your favourite.

This is NOT a cheap plastic vaporiser – when you first hold this vape you’ll be surprised by the weight of it. It’s small, yet sturdy. The ceramic construction ensures you won’t inhale any plastic fumes.

Even vape enthusiasts will be surprised by the quality of this kit…

You get huge clouds of CBD and terpene rich vapour in just a 3-second pull.

This allows you to take huge hits or controlled precision doses – whatever works best for your needs.

Our Vape replaces the cotton wicks found in many cheap alternatives with breakthrough Porous Ceramic Heating Technology, so it can handle extracts of all thicknesses without burning them. This allows us to make pure extracts without any additives – No Glycerol, MCTs, or any other non-terpene ingredients.

The starter cartridge you’ll find inside the kit contains 550mg Pineapple Express CBD extract. For a casual user, it will last about 30 days.

Pineapple Express is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, packed full of terpenes such as pinene, trans-nerolidol and linalool, to name but a few.

Here’s some more info:

  • High CBD content as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes
  • For recreational users who like strong CBD supplements
  • “A fresh fruit and piney taste with hash undertones”
  • Independently tested for safety and purity


  • Full spectrum CBD distillate
  • Natural solvent free distilled terpenes
  • 0.0% THC
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CBD Vape Starter Kit – 54% CBD – Pineapple Express – Cannabis-Inspired Terpenes is perfect for those who are new into vaping, offering a high quality vape pen along with some of our high cbd Pineapple Express CBD vape oil.

Synergy Extracts only believe in offering the highest quality CBD products available, which is why we ensure to use only the highest quality materials in the making of our tasty CBD Products.

This finished/packaged CBD product contains no more than 1mg of cannabinol(CBN) or cannabinol derivatives(THC). To be safe and on the right side of the law the maximum quantity we can sell is 1000mg (or 1 Millilitre) per box/unit. The THC has been removed from the hemp derived cbd distillate by selective distillation and chromotography. The extract can be taken to less than 25 parts per billion THC while leaving the CBD and valuable aroma molecules (terpenes) intact. This is a time consuming process with large losses of material so THC free distillate costs far more than normal CBD distillate to make.

Additional information

Weight 0.080 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm

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Duane B.

Seriously impressed

Got the starter kit on reccomedation from a family member and I was genuinely surprised by how good this product is. A good quality unit well worth it, but the flavour and hits from this thing are seriously good. As a 20 year smoker this was still impressive to me, and will be ordering refills ASAP

Duane B. verified customer review of CBD Vape Starter Kit – 45% CBD – Pineapple Express - Cannabis-Inspired Terpenes
Oliver M.

A Quest for a Mighty Steed

For years I have searched this open land to find a castle to call home. I know pronounce you Synergy Castle home of CBD. My journey starts with the quest for a trusty companion, I searched the archives to find a quality starting steed in Synergy Extracts Pen. This steed has served me well but you must remember that unlike ECig Steeds you need to hit this steed hard to gain a full momentum and effects. Once you've hit your steed you will feel at one with steed and saddle. I have always had back pain especially when in saddle for long periods but these past two weeks I have noticed that it has eased my pain considerably. One is extremely impressed with how this steed has handled and I highly recommend this steed for other Knights of the Synergy Round Table. https://photos.app.goo.gl/QrmEBGrU9Rb5LA567

Connor M.

Pineapple Express

Lovely taste, lovely product. Will buy again.

Daniel H.

Beautiful product

So easy to use, top flavour, great design (super sleek). Everyone should have one! (Great benifits). I want more already (after 2 weeks) only downfall is it is so nice I want to smoke all the time (so it does run out faster).

Daniel H. verified customer review of CBD Vape Starter Kit – 45% CBD – Pineapple Express - Cannabis-Inspired Terpenes
Christian N.

Absolutely love it

Was so excited when I ordered my products and it surpassed my expectations ! SATISFYING!!!

Christian N. verified customer review of CBD Vape Starter Kit – 45% CBD – Pineapple Express - Cannabis-Inspired Terpenes